Do you have herpes? Find out now with this online test

There are several ways of finding out if you had contacted herpes.
1.Visit a doctor and ask him to test you by means of a blood draw or a swab from the blisters. The most reliable way.

They will diagnose you by a visual inspection if the outbreak is typical, and by taking a sample from the sore(s) and testing it in a laboratory.  HSV infections can be diagnosed between outbreaks by the use of a blood test.

2. Order online a home testing kit.

There are several companies that deliver testing kits at home. You need to google and find the closest one to you because you will have to mail them back the sample so that they can make the test in their lab. Only after a couple of days will you have the results.

3. Self-diagnose

The least reliable way but you can try it to ease your stress, of course try it but than visit your doctor.  Take the online herpes test below, it is a simple 5 points questionnaire. Your results will be delivered privately to your email box,  just don’t forget to provide a valid one at the end of the test.


1. Have you had unprotected sex sometime during the last 15-30 days? (this includes oral and anal or any skin-to skin contact)
2. Did you experience flu-like symptoms, including fever and swollen glands sometime during the last 15-30 days?
3. Did you notice small blisters around your mouth, on or around the penis (for men), inside or outside your vagina (for women), in or around your anus?
4. Were the blisters around 1 to 3 millimeters (1/32 inch to 1/8th inch) in size and grouped into “crops”?
5. Did you experience one of the following symptoms regarding your blisters?:
Blisters opening to form ulcers
Tenderness, Pain, Itch
Fluid filled blisters
All of the above
None of the above

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