Does genital herpes have to be in clusters?

The short answer “Mostly Yes”

Genital herpes is a virus that stays in your body for your entire life, most of the time with no apparent symptoms. From time to time (depending on your general health, diet, stress, other factors) it manifests itself through an outbreak of blisters localized around your penis, vagina, anus. The blisters usually come in crops, they itch, burn, hurt and mainly are a pain in the ***.

The skin or the mucous membrane becomes extremely sensitive to the touch and there will be an almost unbearable itch exactly where the sore will appear.

It usually starts out as a lump under the skin and as it starts to push out it becomes very sore and swollen. This is the most painful and difficult part usually. As the herpes outbreak continues to push out through the skin you will notice (if you are looking) a fluid filled sore that is still quite painful but perhaps less so at this point. At this stage it will be a matter of time before the sore opens and healing can begin.

From time to time, if you are lucky you may end up with just one blister here and there, especially if you’ve treated part of the outbreak with a topical antiviral creme, but this is rare. If you asked your question because you were not sure you had herpes and thought it may be something else there are a few things you should know:
– if it is a pimple or ingrown hair it can be popped, it is extremely painful and impossible to pop a herpes blister
– herpes blisters are filled with clear liquid (unless you’ve got a bacterial infection on top of it) while pimples and ingrown hair are filled with white liquid
– herpes sores come with a specific set of  “feeling bonuses” itch, pain, burn, etc.

Go visit your doctor to be sure.

Genital herpes blisters picture

Genital herpes blisters picture

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