Effective Lifestyle Changes for Persons with Genital Herpes

Although genital herpes has no cure, it is still possible to live normally and cope up with the lifestyle changes. Since there is no cure for genital herpes, lifestyle changes are necessary to build a strong immune system to fight against the genital herpes breakouts.

The virus may be dormant for long periods of time and suddenly be triggered by sexual activity, hormonal changes and weak immune system.

A patient with genital herpes may feel anxiety and depression upon diagnosis but this can be solved with proper attitude and medical guidelines. Thorough understanding of genital herpes and how you can live a normal life with the disease will help you through this tough health and emotional problem. Here are the lifestyle changes you should take into consideration
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Living a Normal Life for a Person with Genital Herpes


  • Gather a net of support. Once diagnosed with genital herpes, having people around you who can understand your situation is a big help to keep your sanity and to keep your self-esteem. Talking about your problem with other people can ease the pain you feel. Share your thoughts and feelings to people you trust like a family member, a friend or a doctor. It will help in releasing the stress and emotional tension you feel. The Genital Herpes Support Group on Facebook


  • Talk to your doctor.Talking to a medical expert for genital herpes is important. Doctors will guide you on proper way of preventing genital herpes breakouts. They will also advise and prescribe drugs and supplements that strengthen the immune system and keep the virus dormant. Aside from medical guide, doctors and therapists are helpful in dealing with your emotional problem caused by the anxiety. List of available drugs and supplements for treating genital herpes

healthy lifestyle for people with genital herpes

  • Take your supplements as prescribed by medical experts. Doctors will provide you with adequate medical treatment guides. Take supplements and medicines as prescribed by your doctor. Following their advice can improve your condition and keep you healthy with lesser breakouts. Supplements will strengthen your immune system. List of available drugs and supplements for treating genital herpes


  • Develop a positive self-esteem.Breathe and be positive. Patients with genital herpes can still live a normal life like other people. Being positive will lift up your spirit and improve your self-confidence. A strong self-esteem is one of your best weapons to fight against this infection. It helps in relieving stress and boosting positive attitude. You can improve your self-esteem by socializing with other people, proper exercise, and balanced diet and by following your doctor’s advice.


  • Have a balanced and healthy diet. Lifestyle changes for persons with genital herpes also include altering your diet for the better. You can prevent outbreaks by eating healthy foods. There can be no therapeutic claim for preventing herpes effectively but taking rich in amino acid food can lessen breakouts. Eggs, fish, potatoes and chicken are foods which contain amino acid. These foods are rich in lysine which is beneficial to prevent breakouts. Make it a habit to eat them regularly to prevent frequent breakouts.


  • Get enough sleep at night. Enough rest and sleep can ease the tension you are feeling thus relieving stress. With enough hours of sleep, you will feel healthier and better physically and emotionally. Mental stress can also be cured with enough hours of sleep at night.


  • Exercise regularly. Enjoy your life and go outdoors. Exposing yourself to normal way of living is crucial to help you live a normal life with better lifestyle changes. You can do this by exercising regularly. Go out and try exercising at the gym or have a friend to jog or walk with.
  • Work on a healthy relationship. When you have a partner, discuss about the problems and risks that genital herpes may cause you as a couple and as individuals. Be honest and agree on how you are going to work out a healthy relationship and lifestyle in spite of having the disease. Compromise will help you get through tough times and keep a strong bond with each other.


Living a normal life for patients with genital herpes is possible with healthy and positive lifestyle changes. By supporting yourself and getting inspiration from the people around you, staying happy will become part of your normal life.

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