Herpaflor – why you should avoid it while searching for a cure for herpes

Issues with FDA

Because it is being sold as an OTC or supplement it does not have to comply with the laws for FDA approved drugs. However FDA gave them a warning letter on April 28, 2011 informing them that their claims regarding the effects of their product and the disease they claim are curing, make their product a drug (because it is intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, or to affect the structure or function of the body of man). And because FDA considers their product a drug, it must not be introduced into interstate commerce unless an FDA-approved new drug application (NDA) is in effect for it. Claims like “Put an end to Herpes Outbreaks!” were not allowed by FDA, and they were required to review them.

Dishonest Practices

Until the warning letter their main website for promoting and selling their products was If you check it now you will notice it looks like a deserted place, just a name for each product, a price and a “buy” button, no description, no usage, safety information, ingredients, nothing. I do not know if they are still receiving orders through that site.
They also created another site where you have more information, I suppose they moved their company to Canada to avoid complying with the FDA rules. I could not find information about the company producing and supporting this website, and overall the website looks highly unprofessional.

Safer and Healthier Options on the Market to Help you Cope with Herpes


To be honest the way this product presents itself, and the way it reacted to the warning letter from FDA is questionable and I would not recommend using it. There are other products on the market, H-balm did not receive a warning letter and is certified organic, Viruxo and Medavir did receive a Warning Letter but they made changes to their marketing materials to comply with the requirements. So, there are available products on the market that help you cope with herpes and seem to have higher standards of quality.

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