Home remedies from real people with genital herpes

Having a genital herpes outbreak is not an easy thing. You might have done everything to prevent it like eating healthy, exercising, taking Lysine or even suppressive treatment, but if is started nonetheless, it is time to focus on surviving it.

Doctors usually prescribe the antivirals to shorten the outbreak but few doctors give patients instructions for how to handle the sores locally. The burn, the itch, the pain are for some people unbearable, so here you have a list of things you can do to ease the discomfort.

1. Wear cotton underwear and when possible no underwear 🙂
2. Abstain from sex or masturbation, you will only make the sores worse.
3. When peeing if it hurts you can do it in a shower or a bath. A girl even suggested peeing in a bottle to avoid the urine contacting the skin
4. Take some pain killers like acetaminophen or Tylenol to ease the pain.
5. Apply ice cubes on the areas to ease the pain
6. After taking a bath or applying any moisture like an ice pack blow dry the area.
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If you came across this article with extensive reviews on most of the products existing on the market that are supposed to help with herpes you may have noticed a long list of natural remedies from zinc, aloe vera, lemon balm, tea trea oil, etc. On the market there are products for topical use that combine several of them like: Viruxo, H-balm, Medavir, Dynamiclear. Below you have a list of home made combinations from real people who tried them.

Warning: The natural remedies do not work the same for everybody, some people have good results with aloe vera others with hydrogen peroxide, try and see for yourself, you may even come up with a new mix. Please inform yourself extensively, both on this site and others and ask your doctor before trying anything. Also, treatments come directly from users so I did not correct their typos.


1.  Herby paste

People came up with their own combinations of natural remedies. See below a users home made herby paste used for applying directly to the wounds.

-1 part aloe vera gel
-1 capsule of echincea
-1 capsule of bee propolis
-Few drops of tea tree
-Few drops of water
-Few drops of rubbing alcohol

This will make an herby paste that you can apply directly to wounds and areas you feel may be prone to break outs, this provides instant relief as well as an obvious increased time in healing and stops break outs from getting worse. It may sting at first depending on your sores but it will go away and the aloe will soothe instantly, while echinacea/propolis/tea tree provides antiviral and antibacterial and promotes healing, and the alcohol acts as an astringent to which the virus practically runs from.

2. Soaks

There are different combinations people use see below. Some people combine the below substances with water and soak in them, others apply the substances directly on the sore with q tip.
– Epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide
– Baking soda

Hydrogen peroxide seems to be a wonder treatment, some people even buy food grade hydrogen peroxide mix it with water and drink it. It’s only oxygen so why not. Read more about hydrogen peroxide.

3. Diaper rash cream or baby powder

They both contain zinc and people use them to apply locally on the herpes sores to dry them. Read more about zinc and its use in treating herpes blisters

4. Acetaminophen aka Tylenol paste

There are several versions of home made paste that include Tylenol and that you can use to apply directly on to your skin.

I use a few drops of water about four or five crushed pills and about three pumps of vagasil. It truly works wonders.

Get 500mg panadol and 200mg Acvlcovir, Crush it,  Mix some zinc oxide and emla and add the powder and make a paste.  Apply generously to the sores after doing your sitz bath and drying with a blow dryer. Enjoy the relief

I used a mortar and pestle to crush my pills – Lysine and Tylenol. Pored a small amount of apple cider vinegar into a bowl and mixed in the crushed pills. Washed the area with anti bacterial soap. Used my mixture on the area with a q-tip to clean it. Let everything dry. Used campho-phenique in the gel form not the liquid.  The whole process hurts a bit… stings… but immediately my 4 bumps got super white and hard as if they were drying out… they seemed to turn into one large hard lump instead of separate smaller ones

found this website and was extremely excited to head to Walmart where I purchased the Walmart brand Tylenol-PM ($4), MERCUROCLEAR ($3), Vagisal Satin Cream ($8), and Abreva ($21). I smashed the pills mixed in all the fixin’s, applied to my swollen and inflamed ‘Princess’ and immediately felt better. I used for several days and the itching, buring, open sores, everything cleared up.

SO i saw this thing about making a tylenol pm paste. Well i took it an extra step. One of the most affective numbing agents that i know of is cloves. so i made a clove, tylenol and abreva paste. crush the tylenol and clove together then use the abreva to make the paste. apply to sore. and WHALLAAAA.. the pain goes away. the clove numbs the sore. the tylenol keeps the pain away, and the apreva really helps the healing process.

5. Lysine directly on the sores

Most of you know that taking lystine 1000mg 3 times daily helps your body keep the right balance between lysine and arginine in order to prevent the outbreaks. What you might not know is that it also exists super lystine cold sore treatment, an ointment to apply directly on sores. Read more about lysine and how it helps your body fight the herpes virus.

6. Orajel and cortizone ointment

orajel will numb the pain but first you must wipe yourself dry. itll burn for not even a second and then numbness. you can pee and feel free to be GREATFUL you can feel good about it :).

While researching for home remedies for the herpes blisters I cam across this site. It has pages and pages of user posted remedies, after reading for hours I tried to summarize the main solutions than came up again and again and this is how this article resulted. Below one final remedy from a user, visit their site for more, or read our article with extensive reviews for most of the treatments existing on the market.

Ok, this next part is super important! I keep reading about crushing tylonal. What does that do but kill pain. Here you go…when at walmart, buy aloe vera gel. Its maybe two bucks and it goes a longgggg way. Now, go to a health food store if your walmart does not carry this next item. To me, if I do nothing else, this paste does
it all. It can get rid of blisters in less than 24 hrs or less! Find a bottle of ‘melissa’ also known as lemon balm. The label may have either name so be aware. Find a small dish or tuperware at home for your paste. All of my measurements ar approximate but once you do this you should find it not difficult. Take the aloe vera gel…it has antiviral and antibacterial properties and is a wonder! Pour or squirt a good size dollop in the container. If I measured it with sometinhg, it would be a giant tablespoon worth. Then, open one of the capsuls of the melissa/lemon balm and empty onto the gel. Mix and make a paste. Iit should be an ugly green color throughout. Now, for initial outbreaks, I would with a cotton ball or your fingers, smear it all over your entire genital area. Don’t forget going back a know…let yourself air dry or fan yourself a bit. Reapply this every couple hours. When you go to bed, apply liberally and wear no undies. Important,keep your paste clean. Don’t turn it into a petri dish! So everytime you put something in, a finger, a cottonball or a qtip, it should be new and clean. Keep a lid on this so it doesn’t dry out so you can use throughout the day. You likely need to make a new paste each day of your outbreak. Keep this in your bathroom or take with you to school/work to reapply. I’m telling you, I read tons on aloe vera and melissa that some journals even sppeak of people never having reoccurrances. Lookk it up. Ok, wear no undies or cotton undies from now on. Don’t worry, there are tons so sexy thongs with cotton where it counts and lace on the edges. And really, I’ve gone pantieless now more times than ever…its a fun little secret. So keep up the lyseine and vit c or at min, keep them on hand. Whenever I have suspected even a tingle or an itch, for some reason, usually at night, I get up, pour aloe gel on a cotton ball and cover the entire area it it. You can apply the lemon ball mixture if you want but I’ve found the aloe sufficient and its clear, dries pretty fast and easy. But this is when I’m clear and only suspecting a tingle. I have only had my initial outbreak, last nov. And on reoccurance a month later. Since then, I’ve been on it. I kinda feel like I don’t have it since I nip it in the bud before anything pops up.

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