Papain Cream – Enzyme Topical Treatment for Genital Herpes

raw-papaya-papain-herpesPapain is an enzyme extracted from papaya fruit.  It can act as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant for the body. Papaya fruit is mostly found in South East Asia. Extracted papain is a protein found in this fruit. With its healing properties and capacity to boost the immune system, it is an ideal treatment for genital herpes.

Papain is capable of removing body toxins and dead skin tissue caused by genital herpes outbreaks. As a topical treatment for herpes, papain can be applied on infected area. The enzyme in papain contains anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties which help reducing inflammations or swelling as it reduces the pathogens. This makes papain effective in relieving pain and sores during herpes breakout. Acting as an anti-oxidant, papain can also reduce skin damages caused by the infection and harmful free radicals. It combats bacterial infections that may cause further infections and breakouts. Wounds caused by the herpes simplex virus are also easier and faster to heal when papain cream is used as topical application. Fast oxidation happens increasing the recovery speed after the infection.

Effect of Papain Cream in Faster Healing Process for Herpes Breakouts

Viral infections from genital herpes cause pain and redness on infected areas. When papain cream is used, it helps in prevention of skin sores. Periodical use of papain exposes the enzyme to the affected skin areas and helps in faster healing process. Healing of wounds is faster providing you comfort. This relieves your body stress to prevent further skin damages and breakouts. Using the cream also reduces other adverse effects that happen during genital herpes breakouts. Chymopapain, an enzyme present is papain is responsible in reducing redness and swelling caused by genital herpes. This anti-inflammatory property makes papain cream an ideal topical treatment for herpes.

As a topical application, papain cream removes the dead skin cells once the breakout stops. It renews the skin by removing the dead skin cell and improving the condition of the affected skin areas. The process of chemical debridement helps in cleaning the wound and removing the dead skin cells when papain is applied. This effective home remedy can improve your skin condition after genital herpes breakout.

Seek for Doctor’s Advice Before Using Papain Cream

Before using papain, ask for your doctor’s prescription since this medication have different side effects. Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding, those under medications, and patients with bleeding problems are not advised to use papain for treatment of genital herpes. Also be cautious in using papain since some individuals are allergic to this enzyme. Although compared to other genital herpes treatment like acyclovir, using papain cream has lesser side effects.

Papain – Natural Home Remedy Treatment for Genital Herpes

Overall, papain is an ideal home remedy treatment for genital herpes. Aside from its effective use during breakouts, it is also helpful to use for renewing the damaged skin cells. You can deal with the discomforts caused by the virus by using effective topical treatments like papain cream. Discomforts caused by herpes simplex virus can be prevented by using the right topical treatment before, during and after genital herpes breakouts.


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