Propolis an effective topical treatment during your herpes outbreaks

Propolis is an effective medication for herpes treatment. Known as bee glue, this sticky and waxy substance has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties effective in relieving herpes symptoms. Because of its anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, propolis has been proven effective in healing wounds and herpes infection.
Since ancient times, propolis is used to enhance the immune system against health threats and viral infections. Propolis is a substance naturally manufactured by bees. It is a waxy resin collected by honeybees from tree buds. It has an anti-bacterial property making it ideal for treatment of wounds. It is rich in anti-oxidants too. With the presence of amino acids, bioflavonoids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, propolis is trusted to be useful for treatment of various diseases like skin infections, wounds and genital herpes.

Bee Propolis Treatment Benefits for Herpes

• Anti-Septic Cream. Bee-propolis is an ideal topical treatment for wounds, bruises, sores, cuts and scrapes. This makes propolis useful in treatment of genital herpes during breakouts. There are propolis creams and topical antiseptic ointments. For faster healing of wounds and genital herpes breakouts, apply it on the affected areas. It can speed up the process of repairing damaged tissues. Using this ointment will prevent bacteria and other impurities from infecting wounds that may cause more breakouts. Applying propolis ointment to infected area of genital herpes can heal blisters. Use it four times a day to see the results. With its natural anti-septic properties, it can reduce pain and inflammation while preventing further cause of infections. Its healing properties combined with anesthetic effect makes it ideal as an anti-septic treatment for genital herpes.

Anti-Inflammatory. Inflammations and other forms of pain caused by genital herpes can be cured using propolis. If you are experiencing pain from the wounds caused by herpes, you can take propolis capsules or propolis cream to lessen the pain and inflammations. The flavonoids in propolis are responsible for curing swollen skin and pain in the infected area.bee-propolis-herpes-topical-treatment

Immune-System Protection. To prevent acute infections caused by genital herpes, propolis is a contributing element to boost an individual’s immune system. Bee propolis is responsible for stimulating the body’s white blood cells that fight against infections and health threats. It destroys pathogens that weaken the immune system. It also increases the production of anti-bodies for stronger immune system and prevents illnesses from damaging your health. A strong immune system is important for patients with genital herpes.

Using propolis for genital herpes treatment can be very effective. Before using this medication, it is advisable to consult your doctor first. Getting advice and medication from the experts is important for effective genital herpes treatment and to avoid complications. When guided properly by doctors, you’ll get the most out of the health benefits from this bee-propolis.
Natural treatment is an ideal way to prevent medical side-effects. Propolis as a natural substance can boost your immune system to lessen genital herpes breakouts. With the health and medical advantages from propolis, this anti-biotic is a natural way to help in effective treatment of genital herpes.

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