Sangre de Grado – A Natural Treatment for Genital Herpes

sangre-de-grado-extract-cures-herpesSangre de Grado is a tree that grows in the Amazon region of South America; its tree bark and sap are used to make medicine used for treating various illnesses like diarrhea, wounds, skin disorders and genital herpes. The tree grows in the upper Amazon region of Ecuador, Colombia and Peru. Growing from 10 to 20 meters, this medium to large sized tree is easily identified with its smooth and mottled bark, greenish-white flowers and bright-green leaves. It was named Sangre de Grado (Blood of Dragon) because the bark of the tree bleeds when wounded or cut.
With its anti-fungal, anti-septic, anti-hemorrhagic and anti-viral properties, it is an ideal cure for genital herpes breakouts. Sangre de Grado is effective in healing wounds because of taspine alkaloid. Taspine is discovered to be active for fighting against herpes virus. Other phytochemicals substances and compounds were also found in Sangre de Grado. Diterpenes, proanthocyanadins, and phenolic compounds in Sangre de Grado are responsible in fighting against bacterial infections. It also helps in faster wound-healing process which is helpful during herpes breakouts. During breakouts, Sangre de Grado extract can be applied directly on skin.


The Anti-Viral Property of Sangre de Grado


The anti-viral properties of Sangre de Grado are proven to be effective in fighting against herpes simplex virus. Chemicals from the resin and bark of the tree are used as medicinal treatment. It can be used as an oral medicine or topical treatment for herpes. Sangre de Grado is also responsible in contributing boost to immune system which is ideal for patient with genital herpes. The anti-microbial and anti-viral activity of Sangre de Grado fights against herpes simplex virus as it inhibits the attack of viruses. Proanthocyanadins responsible for virus immunity is found in its SP-303 chemical. This chemical is responsible in treating genital herpes breakouts.

As herbal medicine, Sangre de Grado has been used traditionally for years to treat genital herpes. It can be used to treat wounds and irritations caused by the herpes simplex virus. Some used it as a vaginal douche to prevent discharge and inflammations. Other patients are using it topically for external skin disorder for herpes on genital area. During and after breakouts, the chemicals in Sangre de Grado is found to be effective in healing wounds four times faster than the normal healing process. Sangre de Grado contains all the properties in herbal medicine needed for treatment of genital herpes. Its anti-virus property helps in fighting against further breakouts. The anti-inflammatory feature of the plant is responsible in lessening the pain and swelling of the affected area, while the anti-bacterial property prevents further infections.


Asking Doctor’s Advice for Using Sangre de Grado


Genital herpes treatment is possible with a lot of medical options to use like Sangre de Grado. If you prefer using natural treatment, this medicinal plant contains all the healing properties needed to fight against genital herpes breakouts. Ask for your doctor’s advice and prescription for using Sangre de Grado. Discuss how this medicinal plant can be used and be added to your treatment process for fighting against the virus and irritations caused by herpes. With the right medicine and proper doctor’s advice, you will find it easy to fight against this viral disease.

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