The Rhubarb and Sage Alternative for Herpes

People who suffer from herpes know very well that there is no definite cure for this condition yet, and it is not uncommon for sufferers to look for alternative methods to address the problem. Natural solutions are often sought, given that they generally come without significant side effects, and one such nature based solution which has received some attention in recent times is derived from rhubarb and sage extracts.



While different parts of this plant are known for their culinary and medicinal uses, its leaves are rather toxic. The use of rhubarb stalks can commonly been seen in desserts, and as a medicinal plant, its use was seen in early Chinese culture. In modern day practice, it is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties; it is believed to help address bleeding in the upper digestive tract; it can help people suffering from high cholesterol levels; and can also help in muscle contraction.



Sage, for its medicinal properties, has been used by our kind for very long, and its use finds mention as early as the first century. The Greeks used sage decoctions to clean sores & ulcers as well as to stop bleeding, and the Egyptians are known to have used it to increase fertility levels.


The German ‘Commission E’ (a government body comprising of pharmacists, physicians, toxicologists, and scientists) has approved its use for certain gastrointestinal problems, inflammation of the throat & mouth, and excessive sweating. Extracts of this herb have also been used to treat infected gums and dental abscesses, and it is believed to come with anti-spasmodic and antiseptic properties.


Rhubarb and Sage for Herpes:

Herbal based antiviral preparations are continuously researched upon when it comes to looking for a cure for herpes, and the same has led to a research surrounding the use of rhubarb and sage extract based cream. This study involved close to 150 subjects who suffered from this condition, and divided them into three groups. One group was asked to apply a sage based cream, another was asked to use Zovirax (aciclovir based), and the third group was given rhubarb & sage based topical cream.


The results went to showed that the mean healing time in the case of the rhubarb & sage based cream and Zovirax was quite similar, which in turn, was better than that of the sage based cream. Two patients involved in the study who suffered from super-infections were treated using the rhubarb & sage alternative, and their ‘super-infection’ symptoms were present only until the first follow up. In regards to the safety and efficacy, no substantial differences were noted, and the rhubarb & sage based cream along with Zovirax scored better in terms of tolerability.

These promising results surrounding the use of the rhubarb and sage based cream have grabbed the attention of many hopefuls, although as with most other suggested treatments for herpes, much more is required in the form of human trials and conclusive evidence.

For anyone suffering from herpes and looking for a nature based solution, this rhubarb and sage based alternative does seem to hold promise. However, just like any other treatment for herpes, know that what works for someone else might not necessarily work for you.

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