What is the probability of getting genital herpes?

1 in 4 adults have genital herpes.

– The more sex partners you have, the higher the risk of you getting, or having already caught, genital herpes.
– For heterosexual women living with one partner, the risk of contracting HSV-2 is 10%. This risk increases to 40%, 62% and more than 80% as the number of lifetime partners increases to 2-10, 11-50, or more than 50, respectively.
– For homosexual men, the risk of contracting HSV-2 increases with more than 60% to 90% for those with 11-50 partners and those with more than 50 partners.
– As HSV-2 infection is an ulcerative disease, it increases the risk of acquisition of HIV by 2 to 4.

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